Friday, March 8, 2013


Like many Denver transplants, it was the mountains that drew us from the Midwest to Colorado. But it's the weather that keeps us here. Denver is blessed with over 300 days of sunshine a year. Personally, I am someone who needs sunshine and a cloudy day completely changes my mood. (It's also no surprise that yellow is my favorite color). So when we were hunting for a house, natural light was my first priority. I love the light in our house, especially when I wake up to little rainbows everywhere from the sunlight streaming through the chandelier.

My husband on the other hand, prefers a cave where he can relax and watch movies. Luckily he can escape to the basement and close the blinds - leaving me in blissful sunlight on the main floor.

Here are some spaces with great natural light that I just love. 
How fantastic would it be to take a bath here with the sunlight streaming in? 
I love how the natural light warms up this huge space.
I bet this kitchen is cheery even on a cold winter day
I could definitely be inspired in this space.
Cooking and entertaining in this space would be a dream!
What about you? Do you prefer the sunlight streaming in, or a dark place to escape from the world?

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