Tuesday, May 7, 2013

our home: guest room

I'm in the midst of finals week and feeling completely overwhelmed. On Sunday I was almost finished with my most important project board and then I accidentally screwed it up during gluing and had to go purchase more mat board and head back to school to cut it. I had a mini meltdown and it wasn't pretty. 

But yesterday I turned in my first final and started feeling much better. To give you an idea of the workload for this program, Monday's final was for a two credit hour class and consisted of: a huge 2-inch binder filled with everything you might want to know regarding finishes, a presentation board of finishes, a 3-5 minute presentation of that board, and a written final. I typically spend 6-8 hours/week outside of the classroom for this course alone and it's only 2 of my 14 credit hours. BUT, I love the program and am learning SO much!

So I was already in a great mood leaving class after finishing that final, but then I came home and there were packages on my doorstep! One of those was the rug for our nursery and another was the fabric swatches for the glider. The rug was even more perfect than I imagined. The crib and glider are also now on order, so the nursery is officially underway. See the nursery inspiration board here.

I think this is a great time to say farewell to our guest room and share some photos of what it looked like. We'll be keeping everything and moving it to the third bedroom in the basement. Although not as perfect for guests, there's no way I'm putting baby in the corner basement.

My favorite part of this room is how much natural light it gets from these gorgeous windows!
I love this little bird statue I snagged at a gift shop around the corner
This chair was a great find from Target and these bird paintings were from One Kings Lane
A little live plant is perfect to make guests feel at home.
These pillows remind me of my travels, I got while I was visiting my sister in South Africa.
Farewell sunny guest room, hello neutral nursery! 

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