Saturday, October 5, 2013

design tips: bookcase

Things have been a little exhausting here with the new baby, but we've managed to complete a few projects in our "down time." The first was painting the dressers in our bedroom. That project turned out to be the biggest DIY disaster ever. But we learned a lot and ended up with a great finished product - I'll post more on that later. 

The second project was updating our basement. We mounted the TV and moved some furniture around to give more space for the baby to crawl around. We desperately needed some storage for all of baby's things, so that meant a trip to Ikea. Let me tell you, Ikea with a new baby is no easy errand. But we found some great bookshelves to start our basement storage solution. Of course bookcases = styling dilemma. So I thought this would be a perfect theme for my next post. 

Here are some tips for styling a bookcase.

1. Work with what you have. 
This is the perfect place to display items you've been storing but didn't have a home. Great bookcases often house an eclectic mix of books and treasures. So look around your home and grab some items that need a place to live.
items like personal photographs, statues and magazines that you already have in your home are the perfect bookcase styling accessory
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2. Books.
Remove the jackets from books you already have. Chances are the spines are neutral and look great when stacked together on a shelf. Then alternate those books both vertically and horizontally for visual appeal.
stacking both vertical and horizontally help this eclectic mix of books feel cohesive and interesting
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3. Play with scale. 
Vary the size and shape of the objects on each shelf. 
the different sizes of the objects, books, pictures and treasures here make this bookshelf interesting to the eye
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4. Color. 
Look around your space and pinpoint your existing color pallet and bring those colors into the bookcase accessories. One or two dominant accessory colors can compliment a variety of books.
this bookcase uses the citron, pink and white from the surrounding space for a cohesive look
side note: Sarah M. Dorsey Designs is one of my FAVORITE design blogs! She has fantastic style and great DIY tips. Check out her blog via the link below.
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5. Texture.
Don't forget to vary the texture of the objects, as well as scale and color. 
the texture of the plant and accessories add visual interest to the books
:: source ::
6. Pictures and Art.
Lean framed photos or artwork on each shelf and selectively cover some of the artwork with other objects for an organic look.
photos in black and white help add a personal touch to this bookcase
:: source ::
what better place to display artwork that you've aquired?
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