Monday, May 26, 2014

design spotlight: fire pits & tables

We've had some crazy weather here in Denver this spring, but Memorial Day weekend just makes me want to be outside. We've spent a lot of time sprucing up our yard this spring, especially focusing on the curb appeal - which we've been neglecting since we moved in 3 years ago. Although I love watching the world go by from the front porch, the hubby prefers the privacy of our backyard. So for his 30th birthday on Monday, I got him a fire pit table. 

I did quite a bit of research on fire pits and decided to go with a propane fueled fire-pit table. We have a small backyard, and the seating area is close to the house. When we've had fires in our fire pit the smoke requires us to shut all the windows and the back door. Plus, our little guy still requires attention sometimes during the night so I wanted something we could easily turn off when we're finished enjoying it. We also don't plan to be in this house for many more years, and therefore didn't want a built-in feature.

This table was within our budget and should hold up to the elements - we set it up Tuesday morning and then had hail storms 3 days in a row and there isn't a dent on it. I like that it has a cover that sits flush with the rest of the table so you can use the entire surface when the flame isn't lit. Also, the propane tank and switches are hidden behind a latched door in the base that's a little tricky to open - perfect to keep out one small curious boy. We had a little weekend getaway in Beaver Creek this weekend and came back to perfect weather to enjoy our new fire table!

Here is the table with the cover on it, a perfect outdoor dining surface.

The large fire surface created lots of warmth but leaves plenty of table surface for plates and drinks.

Check out a few other fire features that inspired me:

This built-in fire pit is so welcoming with the bench and chairs. Perfect for grown-ups and kids to enjoy some s'mores!
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For something more permanent, an outdoor fireplace is a great way to create a gathering space outside.
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I love how natural this fire pit looks and the long bench allows for many more people to enjoy it.
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This fire bowl fits nicely on this balcony and adds to the nautical feel. How I'd love to have breakfast here in the morning!
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A fire pit table is perfect for this mountain retreat.
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