Tuesday, June 3, 2014

our home: dining room

We absolutely love our home in Congress Park. It's perfect for our family right now and we've done a lot to make it our own. That said, we've been toying around with the idea of putting our home on the market lately. It's a seller's market and we're not sure how long that will last. Whatever we decide, I thought it was a good time to document it.

Here's a peek at our dining room, before and after. It took two tries to get the paint color right, but I'm so happy with the final color. It gave us a neutral backdrop for both the dining room and living room. The chandelier was a gift from the hubby for my birthday after we moved in - he knows me well! We also added new window treatments and accessorized the table. The actual table and chairs were purchased from a friend when we got married. They've served us well, but I'm just itching for an update. We'll wait to do that until we have a bigger dining room. For now, this space is perfect for our little family of three, plus a few guests!

Isn't it amazing what a little paint, updated lighting, and window treatments can do?
The dining room is the center of our living area and flows into the kitchen. The bar counter gets lots of use and helps define the spaces.
The dining room connects to the living room as well, allowing for circulation and easy entertaining in our small home. I've used the sofa to help define these spaces.
Of course my favorite feature is our sparkly chandelier!
Surprisingly, our dining room does get a lot of use - especially now that our little one is eating solid foods. I hope you enjoyed this peek at our dining room, I'll be sharing more rooms of our home soon!

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